Friends, we are congratulating you for becoming students of Khmelnytskyi National University! There are exciting and unforgettable years of study ahead, new acquaintances, discoveries of new abilities and talents. By the way, about the discovery of talents! We are here to tell you about it.
For a long time, the University has had a Centre of Culture and Aesthetic Education of Students. The Centre carries out creative, informational, educational, cultural and leisure activities to create, disseminate, demonstrate, promote, preserve, and use cultural goods and values to meet the cultural needs of students, teachers, and staff. The main tasks of the Centre are the organization of cultural and educational events, the development of amateur art among students, acquaintance of young men and women with the masterpieces of Ukrainian and world culture and establishing international cultural connections.
Interesting concerts, theatrical performances, meetings of hobby clubs and other events are regularly held at the university. In addition, the university has artistic groups and creative associations for different tastes and preferences and covers such arts as music, choreography, vocals and theatre. We are happy to introduce you to them: the winners of national and international festivals and competitions - folk dance ensemble "Youth of Podillya", folk theatre of the modern song "Suziria" ("Constellation"), theatre-studio "Paradise", etc. Their participants perform as professional artists at various concert venues of the university, the city, Ukraine and even abroad. During the years of study, the participants of artistic groups may receive a creative profession of choreographer, vocalist or director.
The Centre successfully establishes friendly contacts with various public organizations and educational institutions in Western Europe and Asia. We are delighted that our university students promote Ukrainian traditions and culture abroad through participation in various international folklore festivals and competitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malta, Turkey, China and other countries. Numerous awards prove that our university students are not just future professionals but very creative and talented young people. It should be noted that classes in creative teams and concerts are free of charge.
So friends, the Centre for Culture and Aesthetic Education of Students hospitably opens its doors to anyone who wants to try yourself as a singer, dancer or actor. Who knows, maybe you are a new star of art.
Kondratiuk Iryna Vasylivna - director of the Centre, screenwriter and director of theatrical concerts and mass holidays, artistic director of the folk song theatre "Suziria" ("Constellation") and the theatre-studio "Paradise".

Tsymbalistyi Vasyl Feodosiiovych - the Centre's folk dance ensemble's choreographer and artistic director "Youth of Podillya", a cultural organizer.

Yanovytskyi Oleksandr Serhiiovych - head of the technical support laboratory of cultural events, sound director.

Storozh Lesia Borysivna - costume room manager, administrator.