University Administration

List of Members of Khmelnytskyi National University's Administration

The Rectorate is a collegial structure of the University that solves current issues of educational, scientific, educational, economic and financial activities. The Rectorate is headed by the Rector, and includes Vice-Rectors, Deans, College Directors, Academic Secretary of the University, Director of the Scientific Library, Chief Accountant, Head of the Planning and Finance Department, Head of the Personnel Department, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, Head of the Legal Department, Head of the Primary Trade Union employees, chairman of the primary trade union organization of students, director of the Campus. The rector's office may also include heads of other structural units.
1. Matyukh S. - rector of the university – chief;
2. Karachun V. – assistant – secretary;
3. Voinarenko M.- First Vice-rector, Vice-rector of Education, Science and Research;
4. Matyukh S. - Vice-rector of Research and Education;
5. Fomov A. - Vice-rector of Administration-and-Services and In-service Training;
6. Nyzhnyk V. - Vice-rector of Research and Education;
7. Yokhna M. – Vice-rector of International Relations;
8. Olexandrenko V. - Dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty;
9. Bondarenko M. - Dean of Economics and Management Faculty;
10. Dombrovskiy A. - Dean of Technology and Design Faculty;
11. Savenko O. - Dean of Programming and Computer and Telecommunication Systems Faculty;
12. Mazur M. – Head of Educational center of external and distance learning;
13. Stanislavova L. - Dean of Humanitarian and Pedagogical Faculty;
14. Tretko V.– Dean of International Relations Faculty;
15. Lopatovskyi V. – Head of Analytics, Monitoring and Organization for the Educational Process Centre;
16. Kornik N. – Main Accountant;
17. Aivazyan O. – Director of Scientific Library;
18. Samoliuk O. – Head of Studies Department;
19. Krasylnykova G. – Head of Quality Assurance in Higher Education Department;
20. Martynuik I. - Head of Human Resources Department;
21. Baidych L. – Head of Educational Work Department;
22. Boiko Y. – Chief of Research and Development Department;
23. Kliots Y.– Head of Information Computer Centre;
24. Nikulin V. - Deputy Director of Campus;
25. Dehodiuk I. – Head of Labor Protection Department;
26. Tebliashkina L. – Licensing and Accreditation Department;
27. Karpenko V. – Head of Free Trade Union Committee of the University Employees;
28. Vychavka A. – Head of Student Union Committee;
29. Soltyk O. - Head of Physical Education Department;
30. Bidyuk A. – Assistant of Vice-rector of Administration-and-Services and In-service Training;
31. Stoiko V. – Head of Security Department;
32. Zarzhytska O. – Head of Planning and Finance Department;
33. Bondar L. – Head of Registry Office.