University Administration

List of Members of Khmelnytskyi National University's Administration

1. Skyba M. - rector of the university – chief;
2. Karachun V. – assistant – secretary;
3. Voinarenko M.- First Vice-rector, Vice-rector of Education, Science and Research;
4. Matyukh S. - Vice-rector of Research and Education;
5. Fomov A. - Vice-rector of Administration-and-Services and In-service Training;
6. Nyzhnyk V. - Vice-rector of Research and Education;
7. Yokhna M. – Vice-rector of International Relations;
8. Olexandrenko V. - Dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty;
9. Bondarenko M. - Dean of Economics and Management Faculty;
10. Dombrovskiy A. - Dean of Technology and Design Faculty;
11. Savenko O. - Dean of Programming and Computer and Telecommunication Systems Faculty;
12. Mazur M. – Head of Educational center of external and distance learning;
13. Stanislavova L. - Dean of Humanitarian and Pedagogical Faculty;
14. Tretko V.– Dean of International Relations Faculty;
15. Lopatovskyi V. – Head of Analytics, Monitoring and Organization for the Educational Process Centre;
16. Kornik N. – Main Accountant;
17. Aivazyan O. – Director of Scientific Library;
18. Samoliuk O. – Head of Studies Department;
19. Krasylnykova G. – Head of Quality Assurance in Higher Education Department;
20. Martynuik I. - Head of Human Resources Department;
21. Baidych L. – Head of Educational Work Department;
22. Boiko Y. – Chief of Research and Development Department;
23. Kliots Y.– Head of Information Computer Centre;
24. Nikulin V. - Deputy Director of Campus;
25. Dehodiuk I. – Head of Labor Protection Department;
26. Tebliashkina L. – Licensing and Accreditation Department;
27. Karpenko V. – Head of Free Trade Union Committee of the University Employees;
28. Vychavka A. – Head of Student Union Committee;
29. Soltyk O. - Head of Physical Education Department;
30. Bidyuk A. – Assistant of Vice-rector of Administration-and-Services and In-service Training;
31. Stoiko V. – Head of Security Department;
32. Zarzhytska O. – Head of Planning and Finance Department;
33. Bondar L. – Head of Registry Office;