The main aim of the journal is the publication of research carried out by scientists and researchers of Ukraine and the world in the field of comparative pedagogy; presentation of the latest studies of modern processes taking place in educational field worldwide; approbation of scientific endeavours of young researchers (post-graduates) in the field of pedagogical science with consideration of foreign experience.
The scope of the journal:
• theoretical and methodological framework of comparative pedagogical studies;
• modern strategies and trends of education development in the global dimension;
• foreign experience of education system enhancement;
• comparative analysis of educational processes taking place in national and foreign educational institutions (from primary to post graduate level);
• theory and practice of organizing learning, cognitive, research and self-study activities in different foreign educational institutions;
• search for effective ways of scientific study and improvement of modern processes taking place in the pedagogy and global educational policy;
• analysis and generalization of positive experience of foreign countries in the field of education
• methodical aspects of foreign language training in the education systems of leading countries.